Airbrushing in Just Transition

(first posted 19th May 2011) Notes From Below has just published an essay of ours discussing the politics of Just Transition. The idea of a ‘Just Transition’ is an attempt to bridge differences between environmental and labour movements by seeking to address how workers can be protected as society tries to move away from ecologically […]

Collective statement from some individuals affected by the infiltration of the UK environmental movement

(first posted 2 Mar 2011) We are issuing this statement in solidarity with all those, in the UK and beyond, who are facing charges or have been affected in any way by the work of the undercover agents recently discovered. We are a diverse group of individuals who have been involved in radical action, including […]

Dysophia 2: Population & Migration

(First posted 6 Jan 2011) Now out, the second issue of Dysophia: ‘Population & Migration – anarchist analyses of privilege in a time of climate chaos‘. This collection of eight articles, including four new ones of them especially written for this publication, takes the controversial issues of population and migration as their starting point. Using […]

Dreaming Illich

(First posted 9 Nov 2010) An open letter asking awkward question on whether a transformation to a bicycle based economy is practical, possible or even sustainable. Download the pdf here.

Call for Contributions: Anarchist Reflections on Migration, Population and Climate Change

(first posted 23 July 2010) Call for Contributions: Anarchist Reflections on Migration, Population and Climate Change Increasingly links are being drawn between migration, population and climate change. Mainstream responses are tied up around fears of privilege and social position which go unexposed. However, other than acknowledging these intersections they are poorly critiqued from anarchist perspectives.  […]

Dysophia 1: Anarchism & Polyamory now out

(first posted 27th May 2010) Exploring open relationships and non-monogamy from the perspective of green anarchism, Anarchism & Polyamory is a collection of essays and articles, many new (but a few oldies), designed to be accessible to those new to both anarchism and polyamory. It is examines personal and sexual relationships through the prism of […]

Climate Camp Reader

(first published 8th January, 2010) Dysophia and Shift Magazine have joined forces to put together a Climate Camp Reader, “Criticism without Critique”, published in January 2010. To download it follow this link: Editorial In January & February 2010, the Camp for Climate Action will go through a period of introspection as it works out […]

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