Additions to ‘From Animals to Anarchism’

(See also comments section for a further response from another of the authors.) Some of the following points are put forward as a response to questions raised in a review by Paul Gravett.i It is possibly best to start by saying that the zine was originally conceived as a direct response to Gelderloos and others […]

From Animals to Anarchism: Open Letter #3

This open letter takes a critical look at the politics of animal rights and animal liberation. It argues that animal rights as a philosophy is fundamentally flawed as it does not go far enough to criticise the contemporary political structures that gave rise to the animal exploitation industry. It points out that for animal liberation […]

Dysophia 5 now out: “What about the rapists?” – anarchist approaches to crime & justice

This zine is aimed at anarchists thinking about how to deal with abuses of power and acts of domination in their communities. It brings together a collection of articles representing different approaches to this problem, from transformative justice-based accountability processes to retributive-based acts of survivor-led retaliation. Focusing on lessons learnt from experiments in this field […]

Dysophia 4 now available

Anarchist Debates on Privilege This collection of articles bring together in one place a series of debates and discussion of around privilege and intersectionality that have been taken place in anarchist circles over the last couple of years. Though the theories around privilege have been around for some time now, they have now reached the […]

A Short Letter to Earth First! and Anarchists on the transphobia and antiĀ­-anarchist positions of Deep Green Resistance

Why Speak Out Any movement that is prepared to encourage and take action against both the State and the liberal capitalist ideology that is destroying the planet around us and promises that the world can be a better place will always attract a wide diversity of thought. This is a good thing, and debate keeps […]

Islamophobia and Anarchism – call for articles

(first posted 17th January 2013) (French version below) Dysophia, an independent anarchist zine, is planning a follow on from its successful look at antisemitism by exploring issues around Islam and anti-Muslim racism from an anarchist perspective. We are aware that, as UK-based activists, much is missing from the wider discussion and more nuanced analysis is […]

Antisemitism and Anarchy (Dysophia 3)

Antisemitism and Anarchy: New publication now out (first posted 27 June 2012) The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict is a key topic for many anarchists. Support for the Palestinians in the face of an occupying army is strong and we have seen many campaigns to lift the causes of their suffering. The charge of antisemitism is regularly made, […]

Jail! – An insight into prison life in Ireland, namely Castlerea Prison by Niall Harnett

(first posted 12th May, 2012) We are pleased to have helped in producing the pamplet Jail! – An Insight Into Prison Life In Ireland, Namely Castlerea Prison, written by Shell to Sea campaigner Niall Harnett following his stint in prison. This is an updated and enhanced version of the original article on Indymedia Ireland. Copies […]

Radical Migrant Solidarity

(first posted 12 January 2012) Radical Migrant Solidarity is a great new zine from friends of ours exploring practical and theoretical around organising for radical migrant solidarity with an anarchist perspective, based on the experiences of those actively engaged in the UK, Calais and elsewhere in Europe. pdf available here or at

People from the Reclaim the Fields network have put out a new zine on the politics of land, which some of us have been involved in. To download a pdf of the zine “Of The Land” click here.

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